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Take your class orienteering! The Botanic Garden has a set of compasses, clipboards, and maps to guide students through designated way-points around the gardens, answering related questions on a printable worksheet and learning interesting facts along the way.

  • Ask for way-point flags to be put out for younger students, or withhold the flags to increase the difficulty and encourage use of the compasses, map and the worksheet picture clues to find the way-points.
  • Print out either the junior or senior worksheets for your class and don't forget your pencils!
  • It is recommended that you take 20 minutes to prepare students in class by practicing how to use a compass and read maps.

Related Curriculum Achievement Objectives:

Juniors: Curriculum Level 3

Seniors: Curriculum Level 4

  • Health and Physical Education: A2, A3, B2, B3, C1, C3, D1, D3
  • Mathematics and Statistics: Position and Orientation

Learning Outcomes:

  • Working as a team
  • Self-management
  • Physical fitness and awareness
  • Navigational skills (map and compass use)
  • Introduction to different facts and features of the Botanic Garden

Physical Resources:

  • 20x compasses
  • 15x clipboards
  • 15x laminated maps
  • 1x reference sheets for facilitators
  • Flags placed by staff on request
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