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Alpine house

The design of the Alpine House

Constructed with the assistance of the Dunedin Amenities Society, the Alpine House was designed with raised beds so you can view the plants closely and fully appreciate their delicate nature. There are many bulbous species, as well as alpine plants that are difficult to keep alive in the rock garden.

Plants are displayed as they come into flower so the display is continually changing. This keeps the displays fresh and enables the growing media and moisture level to be monitored and controlled to their individual requirements.

Significant plants in the Alpine House



There are many species of Fritillaria in the collection from all over the northern hemisphere. They range from the common, but beautiful checkered Fritillaria meleagris, to some of the less available species such as Fritillaria raddeana. They flower from early spring through to summer.

Arisaema ringens

Arisaema ringens

Arisaema features from early spring through to summer. These bulbous member of the arum family are often called cobra lilies or Jack-in-the-pulpit plants. Different coloured and shaped spathes (the outer hood) and spadix (the inner flower spike) give these flowers their unique and unusual appearance.


Haemanthus coccineus

Haemanthus is endemic to southern Africa. Haemanthus coccineus provides colour in autumn with brush-like blood red flowers. These are followed by two broad leathery leaves that lie flat on the ground providing interest throughout winter. The collection includes the evergreen, white flowered Haemanthus albiflos.