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Water garden

About the Water Garden

Water Garden

Water has peaceful and reflective qualities and provides a home for small water creatures and insects. Plants that prefer a very moist soil and bog like conditions are grown near the water's edge. The plants that grow in shallow water or boggy conditions help to soften the appearance of pond edges. The true water plants and aquatic plants grow in the deeper water of the pond.

Significant plants in the Water Garden


Many Iris grow in and around water including the rich purple Iris laevigata from eastern Asia, which flowers in spring and autumn. As well as the many different coloured flowers, irises provide vertical lines with their foliage and soften the pond's edges.


Several different hardy water lily cultivars are grown in the collection. The leaves and flowers float on the surface as the roots grow into the bottom of the pond. Flowers appear from late spring to autumn.

Seasonal highlights

Primula pulverulenta

The Water Garden is most spectacular in spring and summer with foliage and flowers of all shapes, sizes and colours. Highlights include the bright buttercup yellow and orange flowers of Trollius and Caltha, many shades of Primula flowers, the wonderful pink inflorescences and huge leaves of Darmera peltata and later on the divided foliage and plumelike flowerheads of Astilbe.

Vertical accents are provided by the yellow and green foliage of Iris and Acorus, the brown seedheads of Typha and bright green whorls of Cyperus alternifolius. The large palmate foliage of Rodgersia stands out from its first emergence in spring until it colours in autumn.