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Shades of White

This article was first published on 04 Nov 2020.



Photo by the Otago Daily Times

Using different coloured flowers in your garden creates different moods and effects.

White, although we don’t think of it as a colour, can make things ping. It lifts a deep border, contrasts well with greys and greens and separates hot colours. En masse it provides a cooling affect to the garden.

When planted close to pathways white flowers glow in the evening, perfect for planting around an outdoor entertainment area, reflecting the light.

Across all plant forms you are almost overwhelmed with choices. There are white flowered trees in the Magnolia and Prunus genera or shrubs from Viburnum. Viburnum plicatum produces large stunning white pompom flowers in spring.

In roses you might go for a climber Rosa 'Sir Edmund Hillary' or a bush; Rosa 'Iceberg' is very long flowering.

White flowering annuals add a simple beauty and elegance. Iberis sempervirens 'Weisser Zwerg' is a fantastic edging plant and very long flowering. A quick trim with the hedge shears after flowering encourages more flowering.

The tidy form of Dianthus 'Memories' is suitable for growing in a container. Iris 'Immortality' is a stunning, early spring flowering iris with beautiful pure white flowers and does rebloom later in the season.

At Dunedin Botanic Garden there are white poppies and pansies in the knot garden. The white herbaceous colour border (pictured) near the main gate currently has a few early spring flowering perennials in full flower.