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Summer Stunner Pings for Whole Year

This article was first published on 10 Jul 2020.

Rosa helenae hips

Rosa helenae hips

Photo by the Otago Daily Times

Roses have a beautiful long flowering season with abundant flowers and that can be enjoyed outside or picked for indoor displays. But roses can provide us with much joy throughout the whole year.

In autumn and winter many treat us to a wonderful display from their hips, adding colour to a winter floral arrangement.  Hips aren’t just for show though as they can be used to make rose hip syrup or jam – there are many different recipes and techniques to choose from.

Rose hips are the seed pods that form when rose flowers are left unpicked. Throughout autumn the hips will swell and fatten.

Rose hips are high in vitamin C and best harvested after the first frost which sweetens them. Remember only to select material from rose bushes you know haven’t been sprayed.

Next summer when the roses are flowering again you could have a go at making rose petal jelly.  Choose big fat blooms - the darker and more fragrant the flowers are, the better the jelly looks and tastes.  Think about drying some of the petals and rose buds to make pot pourri.

So when you see a rose bush sitting in the garden looking somewhat bare and recently pruned, give a thought to what it can offer each season.